Singapore Temasek Club Table Tennis Championship 2019

Here is the Schedule and Grouping. 

* That are changes make for girls under 8, boys under 11, boys under 14 and girl under 11. 

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H/P: 8301 8991
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Last Updated: 05 Aug 2019, 12:35pm

Wang Yuegu's Message

I devoted myself to coaching and started my very own table tennis academy when I retired from my professional career after the London Olympics in 2012.

I am fortunate to have benefited greatly from Singapore’s commitment and positive attitude towards table tennis, as well as the many supporters who have always been cheering me on throughout my career. I have always regarded Singapore as my home, with the kind of support that I received as a full time playing professional, I naturally feel a sense of belonging and desire to help the sporting scene here. Hence, I hope to contribute back to Singapore’s table-tennis development and provide a structured method of training to young players in their journey to eventually become world champions!   

I would also like to encourage more children to pick up the sport in schools and spread the love for table-tennis throughout the wider community as a whole, which will surely bring greater success to the sport.

As such, this academy is catered to everyone who has a passion for playing table-tennis. The many facilities and customized training system will be able to help you fulfill your full potential for the sport and become a greater player. I believe that any aspiring table-tennis players will surely find this to be very essential.

Table tennis is one of the most popular sports in Singapore. Its intensity of play is thrilling and entertaining. It requires quick movement, a lot of thinking and strategizing on the court, which is what attracts many people to the game.

For players as young as 4 years old, playing table tennis is a great way to stimulate the brain and promote quick thinking while improving hand-eye coordination. It helps to increase one’s agility and flexibility due to fast movement of the sport. Core strength and fine muscle movement can be developed as the game demand bursts of exertion and recovery. It helps prevent myopia through exercising of the eyes. 

Playing table tennis can help reduce stress due to the high pressure on academic results placed on many students nowadays. It improves concentration, mental alertness and overall fitness level. Through playing in competition, one can learn how to stay calm under pressure, maintain positive attitude and  mental toughness. 

In short, table tennis is a sport that is fun and has many health benefits for the body and mind as well. It is good for mental skill training in dealing with challenges and developing mental resilience. It will definitely be useful later in their working life for quick decision-making and problem solving skill and to be a contributing citizen to the nation.   

Our aim is to nurture and groom future champions.








对于青少年运动员来说, 现今学业上的压力越来越大,打乒乓球可以让青少年释放压力以及提高抗压能力,也可以通过比赛也可以锻炼自己的心里素质!特别是乒乓球的比赛中,对运动员的心理素质要求非常高。